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Our mission is to create Cashmere Knitwear with a ethical correct and sustainable production at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are we able to provide such Cashmere Knitwear to you ?

The whole process of design and creation of the Gloss Cashmere Collection is in our hands, cutting out any additional costs.  We are organizied with a concept of « direct to the customer ». Our products are delivered directly from our production site in Mongolia to the Gloss Store in Zuerich, without any middle-men in between.

Our team is working with passion and care on creatingthe unique and affordable Gloss Cashmere Knitwear.It’s all about the product !Our target is to produce high-quality knitwear that can be used as long as possible.

Whats about the Cashmere Goats?

Cashmere is made out of the hair of the famous Cashmere goats, they are living on  the grassland, in the heart of Inner Mongolia – we love them, they are super fluffy !

Cashmere goats live in a extemely cold region of our world , where in winter-time temperature can reach -40 degrees,  giving the goats a very soft and long hair.  

For our garments we are using only the finest Cashmere quality. All our products are made out of « A- grade » Cashmere, using the longest fibres.

Whats the process of getting the raw material?

As Cashmere goats live in extremely cold climate, they grow long, fine Fiber Hair to protect themselves. To make a sweater, you will need wool from approximately 4 goats. 

The process of getting cashmere from the goats is to gently comb out the hair of the goat – similar as the way you comp out the hair in the morning. The goats are getting combed out at the end of the wintertime when the hair is the longest and would get loosed anyway by the natural process. Hand-comb is still the best thing for the goats and for the fibre of our garments.

Whats about the people and the production?

We are visiting our production place serveral times a year to get the feeling of the atmosphere, the people and the animals at the grassland.  

The sustainable and ethical correct production as well as the treat of animals at the grassland are controlled by serveral third party labels and companies. Our factory has passed BSCI Business Social Compliance Initiative Certifications. It includes zero-tollerance towards issues like child labor, forced labor and descrimination. Our supplier is committed to paying workers fairly and in line of the region’s wage standard. 

Our Cashmere is certified by The Good Cashmere Standard (100% GCS  Cashmere). This Certification stands for sustainably sourced Cashmere from farming where Goats are treated responsibly, enviroment is protected and the social, ecological and economic living conditions of Cashmere Farmers are respected.

For a part of our collection we are using Natural Cashmere. Our Natural Cashmere Sweaters are completely not dyed and just keep their natural color shades.

Whats about the design of the The Gloss Cashmere?

We are designing and developing our Cashmere Collection every season together with our technical knitwear team, making our collection unique in style, quality and price.We are glad to collaborate with our local team, that has extensive technical and fashion understanding.

Where can I buy the collection?

You can buy the Collections only and exclusively in our Store in Zürich, Hardstrasse 312. Or here in our online store.

If you have any more questions about our Cashmere products, don‘t hessitate to contact us by using the chat-icon in the right corner or send us a e-mail via